40,000,000 CHRISTIANS




  • Population: 45 million, 90% of the population (40 million) are Christians, including 6 million Greek Catholics
  • Government type: Semi-presidential Republic
  • Capital: Kiev
  • Independence from the USSR: 24 August 1991
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Ukraine and the Eastern Christians

In Ukraine there is an Eastern Catholic Church, but also a Latin Church and an Orthodox Church – the latter being somewhat divided by dint of being pulled in different directions in respect of its relationship to the Patriarchate of Moscow. For the Slavic church, Kiev was the principal archbishopric.

During the Soviet period the Orthodox and Catholic Churches in Ukraine suffered considerably under the totalitarian authority of Moscow. Under communism, the Ukrainian Catholic Church almost disappeared, but since independence it has undergone a true revival and is now extremely strong and active.  It is very advanced in the field of thinking, doctrine, ideas, culture and social action. It trains many seminarians and is building new churches with our support. We must pray for the Ukrainian people, who are suffering and are again fighting for freedom.  We always try to follow events and show solidarity. We never take a political stance.  That is not our purpose.  Rather we endeavour to understand how the events relayed in the press might have potential consequences for the Church in Ukraine.”  (Monsignor Pascal Gollnisch, Director-General, Oeuvre d’Orient)


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