Our Mission

Fellowship and Aid to the Christians of the East (FACE) is a Christian charity which draws on 170 years’ experience of helping Eastern Christians to remain in their homelands – the Biblical lands – where Christianity was born and first spread.

In partnership with our sister agency, Oeuvre d’Orient, we enable people of all faiths and none in the Middle East, North Africa and the Horn of Africa to free themselves from a life of poverty, inequality and injustice. *

Together with the local Christian communities, we aim to bring lasting change to those regions through education, healthcare, pastoral support and community projects. 

We strive to preserve the heritage of the Eastern Churches so that Eastern Christians remain a living testament to the roots, legitimacy and beneficence of the Christian presence in Arabic society, and continue to be mediators of peace and goodwill in their multi-faith communities. 

Whether in times of peace or war, we support the work of the patriarchs, metropolitans, bishops, priests and religious of the Eastern Churches by offering grant aid to their local projects in education, health care and pastoral support – to the benefit of all, regardless of race and creed.

Why support Eastern Christians?

Driven out of their homes in Iraq and Syria, violated in Egypt, and often oppressed elsewhere, the survival of Eastern Christians is in grave peril.

The Eastern Christians suffer, endure stoically and carry on courageously – some to the point of martyrdom. At best, in the more tolerant regimes, they are treated as second-class citizens. But despite the  discrimination, poverty and violence that surrounds them, they still wish to remain in their homelands.

For over two millennia, the Eastern Christians have been proud custodians of their Biblical lands; they have remained true to their baptism; they have been loyal followers of Christ; they have been peace-makers bringing goodwill to all men; they have spread the Gospel to other lands – including our own; and they have always prayed for Western Christians.

Now Eastern Christians await the prayers of Western Christians. In their present situation they need our prayers – and our support

So we are called on to help them as their brothers and sisters in Christ.
The survival of Eastern Christians depends on our support and our solidarity.

The Eastern Christians are a small flock, but one with a great responsibility in the land where Christianity was born and first spread…..They are like leaven in the dough…..Even more than the many contributions that the Eastern Churches make in the areas of education, healthcare and social services, which are esteemed by all, the greatest source of enrichment in the region is the presence of Christians themselves.

Pope Francis
(Letter of Pope Francis to the Christians in the Middle East – 4 th Sunday of Advent, 2014)

*The international aid agency, Œuvre d’Orient, based in Paris, is the oldest Catholic charity supporting Eastern Christians in the Levant.

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