Our Board


Mr John Fox, chair

Mr Martin Lupton

Mr Christopher Sayer

Mr Dominic Tayler



His Eminence Cardinal Michael Louis Fitzgerald, M.Afr., OBE (advisor on inter-religious relations)

Mr Martin Kyndt (senior principal advisor)

Mr Martin Lupton (medical advisor)

Mr Timothy O’Callaghan (legal advisor)

Mr Richard Radcliffe (fundraising advisor)

Mr Jean-Yves Tolot (representative of Œuvre d’Orient)

Mr Christopher Sayer (financial advisor)

Mr Dominic Tayler (investment advisor)

Mrs Helen Varma (fundraising advisor)

Mrs Nicola Williamson (human resources advisor)


The Rev. Prof. Robin Gibbons (chair of committee)

Greek Catholic Melkite Priest

Member of the Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford


Prof. Sebastian Brock

Fellow of the British Academy; Emeritus Reader in Syriac Studies and Emeritus Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford.


H.E. Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald, M.Afr.

Emeritus President, Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue


Mr John Fox

Chairman, Fellowship and Aid to the Christians of the East


Prof. Anthony O’Mahony 

Tutor in World Religions, Blackfriars Hall & Studium, University of Oxford

Former Director, Centre for Eastern Christianity, Heythrop College, University of London


Father Mark Woodruff

Ukrainian Catholic Priest

Chairman, The Society of St John Chrysostom