Prayer for Eastern Christians

FACE’s Prayer for Eastern Christians

Heavenly Father, we pray today for peace in the world, especially in the Middle East and Ukraine, and in all places where there is conflict.

By Your grace, O Lord, strengthen the faith and hope of all Eastern Christians, so that they may be blessed with peace and prosperity in their homelands.

May we be inspired by their devotion and witness to the Gospel, by their love and compassion for all in their communities, and by their courage and endurance in the face of injustice and oppression.

By Your heavenly grace, O Lord, help us to follow their example, so that we may bear witness to our faith with joy and fortitude; and that, through faith and charity, we may help them in bringing peace and reconciliation to their troubled lands, where Christianity was born and first spread.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. 


Prayer for Eastern Christians

(short version for insertion at the Bidding Prayers)

Let us pray for peace in the world, especially in Ukraine and the Middle East, and in all places where there is conflict. May the Christians in these lands be strengthened in their faith, so that they continue steadfastly to give witness to Jesus Christ.

Lord, hear our prayer.