India Appeal

Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

India has recorded 30 million cases of COVID-19 and more than 400,000 deaths. According to the World Health Organisation, 50% of the world’s COVID-19 cases are being reported from India. Only 5% of the population has so far been vaccinated. The toll on lives, livelihoods and the health system has been devastating. Hospitals are full and unable to cope with the influx of new patients. Medicines and oxygen are in acutely short supply. According to the United Nations, nearly 300 million people still living under the poverty line are highly vulnerable to falling into deepening poverty and destitution. The economic slowdown is also severely impacting the informal sector which accounts for more than 85% of the workforce, including tens of millions of migrant workers.

Why we need your help

FACE is working in partnership with l’Oeuvre d’Orient to support the COVID-19 emergency appeals in the Eparchies of Thamardam in Tamil Nadu and of St. Ephrem-Khadki in Pune.

Your donation will help the following projects:

Emergency Aid to vulnerable families in the Eparchy of Marthandam.

In Marthandam, Tamil Nadu, the situation is critical. 90% of ICU beds in hospital are full. People with COVID symptoms stay at home for fear of going to hospital for treatment. Impoverished families who already had a hand-to-mouth existence have been hardest hit. Having lost their livelihoods due to the lockdown, thousands desperately need food to survive. The Eparchy urgently needs support to reach out to families in need.

  • Emergency food supplies for 300 vulnerable families in lockdown. Each food packet contains rice, atta, sugar, tea powder, cooking oil, potato, onion, pulses, masala items and soap.
  • Supply of immunity-boosting medication and vitamins for 8,800 families and 750 essential workers
  • Cooked meals for 150 homeless people who have no means to get food due to the lockdown and closure of shops and markets.

Medical Aid to COVID patients in the Catholic Eparchy of St. Ephrem- Khadki in Pune, Maharashtra.

Dhapodi Village, in the Eparchy of St. Ephrem-Khadki, is an impoverished area where most of the population are farm labourers and railway workers. There is only one public hospital serving 90,000 people. The Eparchy has converted one of its schools, the Pune Bhopodi Betheny Convent School, into a COVID treatment centre for the impoverished people of Dhapodi to be treated free of charge. Urgent support is needed for the running of the treatment centre and to support the patients’ families.

  • Medical equipment, medicines, PPE equipment, surgical material
  • Beds and bed linen for the centre
  • Food for patients and for their families who are isolating

Give to FACE

Your donation will enable us, through our partnerships on the ground, to deliver quick and effective support to the Eparchies of Marthandam and St. Ephrem-Khadki in India.

Your contribution will make a huge difference to many lives.

You will bring a message of love, solidarity and hope to our brothers and sisters in India who are enduring great suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever they need our support.